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TRIAL SHOW Under the direction of Roger Keller the Trial bikers show what else can be done with a mountain bike. They skip or jump over obstacles, as if it were the simplest in the world. What looks so easy, however, demands everything from the drivers: Body control, balance, strength, endurance and courage. On Eiger Bike Challenge the Trial bikers can be admired in 4 blocks. An unforgettable spectacle for young and old. When: Saturday, 12. August 2017 1. Block 12.30 Uhr 2. Block 13.50 Uhr 3. Block 15.45 Uhr 4. Block 16.45 Uhr Where: Finish ground, Bärplatz PROLOG-RACE IN THE VILLAGE CENTER The participants have to manage an interesting and varied course and be faster than their direct counterparts. As with the Skicross, max. 4 drivers against each other. The fastest comes one more round and meets three new opponents. So it goes on until only four riders are left. When: Saturday, 12. August 2017, Start at 18.00 Uhr Where: Finish ground, Eiger+ Nordwand Platz, Eiger+ Panorama Platz JUBILEE CELEBRATION What would be a jubilee without a party?! Of course you can not miss this at the Eiger Bike Challenge. Subsequently to the rank announcement of the prolog race the party starts with Live-Music and Hospitality. If you have not had enough after the concert, then the Chilbigigel has the right thing in stock. Wann: Samstag, 12. August 2017, ab ca. 20.30 Uhr Wo: Festgelände, Bärplatz (bei schlechtem Wetter im Festzelt) Download Programm Exklusive-Sponsor:

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We are happy to meet you again on August 13 2017 for the big Bike-Challenge at the foot of the Eiger northface. Download Inscription 2017

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